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About CIPFA Networks

CIPFA Networks offer finance and non-finance practitioners expert advice, practical support and access to know-how - helping you to respond to the fast-changing agenda, by equipping you with knowledge, skills and insights that will save you time and enable you to be more effective.

In 2011, we delivered tailored events for our members around the UK, ranging from national seminars to regionally held workshops - with further support to members through online practical briefings, toolkits, newsletters, help-lines and other guidance. Our current membership of over 450 public service bodies continues to grow and help improve practitioners improve the performance of the public services in these challenging times.

New Membership Features for 2012-2013

Members of our networks now have more accessibility than ever before to use their pre-paid event places at an increased number of our seminars, conferences and open training events. Plus, our new webinars will keep you updated on the latest industry news without the expense of leaving the office.

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