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Audit Committees

Many of the resources, events and documentation produced by the Better Governance Forum are suitable for audit committee members as well as governance practitioners.
On this web page we include a summary of the most useful resources and links to further documents.

Audit Committee Update

This briefing is produced three times per year.  It includes news of new developments that audit committee members should be aware of and a briefing on a major topic.  All previous issues can be accessed using the following links

2012 Issues
2011 Issues
2010 Issues

Development resources

The Audit Committee Toolkit was developed by the Better Governance Forum to provide detailed guidance on the role and core functions of the audit committee.  It includes a self-assessment checklist.


Topic guides

The Better Governance Forum produces a range of guidance notes and resources on its main areas of governance, including counter fraud, risk management and internal audit.  Guides that are of particular relevance to the audit committee member include:

• Counter fraud checklist for those charged with governance
• Risk management guidance note for elected members
• Risk Governance
• Effective Internal Audit
• Accounts and Audit Regulations 2011 briefing
• Networks News

Core documents

Good Governance Framework
Managing the Risks of Fraud (Red Book)

Training for audit committee members

A range of workshops and training events suitable for audit committee members is available.  More details are on our events pages.



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